The Life Fitness Club Series Treadmill is really a premium club-style treadmill manufactured for home gyms. If you have any thoughts about where by and how to use review treadmills, you can make contact with us at our web-page. It boasts 22 workout programs, an interactive LFconnect program to follow progress and have advice, plus iPod integration for entertainment. The Four horsepower motor is completely club quality - quiet and effective for speeds up to 14 mph!

image class="left" url=""The track measures the typical 60? x 20?, which makes it appropriate for walkers and runners alike. It provides industry-leading cushioning and canincline up to 15%.

Overall, a new Life Fitness Club Series Treadmill is pricey yet strongly recommended. The regular warranty incorporates a generous 10 years of parts protection. Additional warranty plans are accessible too.

The Club Series Treadmill track features a 60? x 20? belt that may accommodate taller runners. In contrast to other treadmill tracks, Life Fitness tracks reduce the impact to joints by almost 30%! These tracks have excellent shock absorption owing to a patented FlexDeck system with durable polyurethane springs. They_re also maintenance-free whereas cheaper treadmills_ tracks need to be waxed occasionally with the owner.

The deluxe console about the Club Series treadmill includes 22 workout programs, including programs that happen to be controlled with the trainee_s heartrate. An alternative is to utilize the Go System_ Quick Start feature. It remembers users_ preferred walk, jog and run speeds, letting an individual step on and acquire going straight away!

The Club Series Treadmill is packed with top-of-the-line features. The multi-ply track requires no maintenance, the 3.5? crowned rollers extend the track_s life, along with the cushioned deck is virtually indestructible. The high quality reaches the deluxe console and quiet 4 HP motor too.

This treadmill is probably the largest we_ve seen for private owners; its footprint is 83? x 37?. Life Fitness makes two home treadmills that can take up significantly less space: The F1 and F3 might be vertically folded.

The Club Series Treadmill weighs 425 pounds. It comes with a 400-pound user weight capacity. The product or service weight ensures stability but could be regarded a disadvantage by some owners. All the other non-folding Life Fitness treadmills weigh less than the Club Series Treadmill, yet have 400-pound user weight capacities.

Overall the Club Series Treadmill by Life Fitness is an excellent workout machine that adapts commercial-quality technology for use at home; we give it an excellent 4.5 stars. The console incorporates a huge assortment of workout programs and makes it simple for trainees to begin with. The iPod integration included within this model seals the sale!
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