Haruno Sakura has always been the crush of Naruto. He's also a dog breeder in the anime series, although this is not part of the manga cannon. The series is still continuing with Naruto's son, Boruto, as the protagonist of his own series. In this article we'll cover the Jump Force confirmed character list so you know who you can choose for your team.

There are four different character types in Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker including Attack, Defense, Range, and Healer. Konohamaru is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto. In an interview with Comicbook , Nick 'Leary, public relations manager for Bandai Namco, confirmed that the Death Note characters will contribute to the story of Jump Force, but won't be playable themselves.

Are you joking Hinata is probably one of the strongest females, just remember that with her byakugan she hit all chakra points and cut chakra flow and also she was able to fight neji for a pretty long amount of time, anyone else but naruto would've been defeated in seconds.

In the latest edition of the Weekly Jump magazine in Japan via Ryokutya2089 , Imagine Dragons Believer four new characters were revealed to be on their way to Jump Force's base roster, and they all hail from the Naruto series this time around. During the Fourth Great Ninja War, Iruka is dispatched by the Allied Shinobi Forces to stop Naruto from leaving the island where he and Killer Bee are being kept safe.

He was a powerful ninja who earned the title of God of Shinobi and served as teacher of the Sannin. As with most of the anime I so love to watch, this one is full of fun times and a great story. In fact, he is probably one of the most hated characters in Naruto. In Naruto lore, the Village Hidden in the Mist had a barbaric history and reputation under the tyrannical control of the Fourth Mizukage.

From this group, some of these characters grew before our eyes over the many chapters of manga or episodes of anime (fans likely saw both). For those who started their foray into the ninja world by watching BORUTO, these characters are a way to connect to fans who've only seen NARUTO.
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