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{{image url="images/wikka_logo.jpg" alt="wikka logo" title="Welcome to the Carmageddon Wiki"}}
Welcome a temporary test bed site for the Carmageddon Wiki. This wiki currently runs on version ##{{wikkaversion}}##, patch level ##{{wikkapatchlevel}}##.

>>==Getting started==
Double-click on this page or click on the **Edit** link in the page footer to get started. If you are not sure how a wiki works, you can check out the [[FormattingRules Wikka formatting guide]] and play in the SandBox.

>>====No real content yet====
We're just testing the wiki software before migrating any content over. We've got a few more to test, so you can feel free to setup an account but you might need to start a new one if we swap the codebase out! Once we've settled on the most suitable platform we'll start putting the real data in. We're looking for a lightweight wiki, that we can customise visually and preferably import the wikia XML dump into.

Need more help? Don't forget to visit the [[ WikkaWiki website]]!>>====Some useful pages====
~-[[FormattingRules Wikka formatting guide]]
~-[[WikkaDocumentation Documentation]]
~-[[RecentChanges Recently modified pages]]
~-[[SysInfo System Information]]
You will find more useful pages in the [[CategoryWiki Wiki category]] or in the PageIndex.
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