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Remedies also known as treatment. Congestion means tightness of chest or uneasy feeling due to quick breathing. There are a couple of major forms of congestion 1 is called chest over-crowding and second is known as Nose congestion also called Sinus congestion.

Chest Over-crowding

Actually its an ailment in which human being feel very uncomfortable since of breathing problem. Generally lower respiratory system will be effected in this condition because of viral or bacterial affect. Massive amount nasal mucus and unwanted fluid is usually produced in lower respiratory canal. These extra quantity of mucus and fluid come to be hurdle for normal breathing system. Actually respiratory system is a passage from which air which we utilized for breathing passing from end to Lung. if this condition persist for long time then chest cancer is occurred.

Regarding chest congestion

Chest Pain


Breathing shortness

Loud sound while breathing

Blood in cough.

Sinus Congestion

Likewise called Nasal congestion. Each human being have four pair of sinuses surrounding by nose. these several sinuses have little space or hole which usually are used for helping inside breathing process and also helpful to relax higher head. whenever these skinny cavities are closed due to any reason then congestion is occurred. Actually our own nose work as filtration system for our body when damage particles are trying to be able to enter in our entire body through nose with air, our nose become challenge to them and our immune system suddenly in actions and blood circulation towards nose is increased because of rapid circulation of bloodstream nose membrane or boats are inflamed or swelled and nose cavity area is decreased as a new result breathing become brief.


Runny Nose

Shortness of breathing

Secretion regarding greenish fluid



There are usually lots of medical remedies for this but most people favor Home remedies for congestion because home remedies are easily use able. If problem is not prolong then it is easily treated in home with home solutions. There are also a variety of home remedies regarding both condition but we all discus here some of them.

Residence remedies for chest over-crowding

Drink Normal water

Water Can be prefer home remedies because it has many significant features. by using water we are able through away unwanted bacteria and disease from our body.

Eat Spicy meals

Spicy food are helpful within chest problem because mainly chest problem occurred because of viral or bacterial affect, So spicy food have a capacity to be able to kill these unwanted dangerous particles.

Consume Yellow Fruits and Fresh vegetables

Yellow shaded vegetables and fruit have vitamin which usually are help full within strengthening our immune program. As a result the immune system fight better against these harmful particles.

Use an Inhaler

Inhaler super easy within use and very effective specially for additional info ( those who else have breathing problem.

Use Ginger

Ginger is used regarding clarity of our throat and for opening sinuses. two piece of turmeric in hot water.

Consider Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea is also very effective inside congestion

Go walking

Walk always a healthy and balanced thing for our physique. because of walk bloodstream circulation is increased consequently breathing capabilities is improved. but always chose the dust free zone regarding walk

Light Exercise

Use Honey

Honey is beneficial natural remedy simply by using this our throat become soft and probabilities of coughing are reduced.

Use Herb

Natural herb very useful for our respiratory system

Home remedies for Nose Congestion

Moist Warmth

Nasal Washes

Spicy Food

Use Humidifier

Void Allergen

Drink Fluid

Take Hot Bathtub

Use Silence aerosol.
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