SEO 101: How to Find Your Domain Name Registrar

What and How Domain Names WorkA recurring problem we face at SEO Mechanic is helping our clients locate where they bought their domain name.

This critical piece of information is often overlooked by small business owners and Yoggy's Money Vault Google Maps Scraper large corporations. Sometimes the name was bought 10+ years ago, or it was purchased on the fly from a mobile phone when a good idea struck.

In the haste to secure the domain critical aspects are often overlooked or forgotten completely. Some of those include_where you bought it?

Why is your domain registrar important?

Domain Registrar Information

Your domain registrar is important because holds the guts of your digital footprint which includes elements like:

Contact Information

This information is critical for Yoggy's Money Vault Google Maps Scraper validating ownership, processing domain renewal payments and technical communications.

Payment information

Registrar contact information

Administrative contact information

Technical contact information

Auto renew

Name Server Information

Nameserver is a server on the internet specialized in handling queries regarding the location of a domain name_s various services. Nameservers are a fundamental part of the Domain Name System (DNS). They allow using domains instead of IP addresses.

IP addresses

DNS records

Name servers



MX records

TXT records

So if you want to make an update to any of the above mentioned information you have to login to your domain registrar. this makes big issues, like propagating domains to new websites, very difficult. Thus turning a 15 minute task into an ordeal that could last weeks or even months.

Finding where your domain is located

You have two options in this scenario.

#1: You are using a DNS manager like DNS Made Easy or Cloudflair.

#2: You are using your registrars DNS manager.

DNS Managers

If you are using a DNS management company to handle your records then you can make changes to any of your Name Server information through their portal. The only thing you cannot do is renew your domain or change your name servers at the domain level.

To find your DNS service its pretty simple. First of all if you are at this level the chances are you already know who the provider is. This is not something typically purchased by local Business Contact List owners. But if you are at a loss the first thing you should do is visit and search your domain name.

DNS management records

After searching your domain name scroll down and look at your name servers. If you are using a DNS management company typically your name servers will be branded with the services name. Which gives you a good starting point for tracking down who your provider is.


if you are not currently using a DNS management service and you_re stuck trying to figure out where you bought you name then you follow a similar procedure. To find out where you bought your domain visit and search your domain name.

Instead of going to your Name Servers simply look in the Registrar Info box at the top of the screen, after searching your domain name.

Registrar Info

Inside that box you should be able to see here your purchased your domain name and when its up for B2B Companies renewal. With this information you should be able to visit the registrar mentioned and reset your password.


More attention should be kept to the organization of your critical business information. While domains were once a novelty, B2B Data List Marketing List they are now a critical piece of equity for your business. Make sure to have a dedicated file for such information and give access to only key personnel. Your site traffic could evaporate, in one click, if this information got into the wrong hands.
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