image class="left" url=""Will a Zombie Test Help You Survive The Zombie Apocalypse? Will you be able to survive a zombie wooden furniture manufacturer bangladesh attack newspaper (i was reading this)? You will never know the answer to this question until you take any of the zombie survival test that can be found online. There are many zombie survival quiz out there that will not only test your knowledge about these creatures but will also give you a suitable zombie survival guide. This is your chance to discover if you are apocalypse-ready. After all, the zombie survival test is free so you can do this for fun or even to seriously gauge your capability to defend yourself through the preparation of zombie survival kits.

Check out the following zombie survival quiz websites and see which ones offer the best questions: This website will give you a general idea if you will be able to fight off the zombies that will try to bite you or eat your brains out during an outbreak. You can consider the questions a product of somebody's fantasy but whether this is a fictional scenario, it is best to answer the questions as truthfully as possible so you get to know your survival strengths and weaknesses.

Do you know how a person can become a zombie? Is it through the inhalation of toxic radiation, through the bite of a zombie, through a ritual, or by simply dying? So how can you prevent yourself from turning into an undead? Do you have to wear rubber gloves or just avoid the zombie's killer bite? You also have to know the weakest points of a zombie to defeat one. So is it the heart, the groin, the brain or the eyes? And when you have done that, do you just pile the zombies on top of each other, bury them, burn them or leave them where you killed them?

The Walking Dead series has also prepared a list of question that will help you determine your chances of survival during an apocalypse. The questions are more easygoing at first like your present livelihood and your existing physical condition. However, they become really zombie-specific later on. The questions from this website are not really concerned about the undead but about you and how capable you are of surviving a zombie infestation or outbreak.

One question will determine your skills in handling specific weapons like small arms, batons and other melee weapons hat you can easily access in as fast as 30 seconds. One of the most important questions that you should answer sincerely and which you should prepare for is a comprehensive plan in case of an outbreak. Take the quiz diligently if you want to get the best results.
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