image class="left" url=""Smartphones have only been around for less than two decades. Voice Commands - Everyone knows about Siri with Apple, but Google android has actually possessed voice commands for quite awhile. Tone Actions let you call friends, send messages, get directions, arranged alarms, and perform other common tasks by simply speaking into the phone. To trigger Voice Action instructions, touch on the microphone that shows up in the search club at the top of your house display screen. Then speak the control into the phone.

Hide some lock screen notifications: If you never want lock display screen notifications from a particular app (such as a messaging app, or troublesome game), go to notifications as above, then you'll receive a list of your apps. Switch off the apps you don't want and you'll never get lock display screen notifications from them. To make it faster, turn off all and then turn on the ones you actually want.

Labels offer a simple way to organize your inbox clutter. You can create a whole label hierarchy using Gmail, nesting sub-labels under a mother or father label for more effective email management. For example, you can create a label called Expenses for organizing all purchase receipts, and create a sub-label called Yahoo for all acquisitions made on the Play Store and other Yahoo domains. For the present time, you can only create product labels from the desktop customer, as the option isn't available on the mobile variations. Here's how to quickly create and manage labels.

App launchers will make your daily life infinitely better. The one demo'd here's Nova Launcher (free). Like many iphone app launchers, you can customize shortcuts to different programs so you need not dig through six different homescreens. So, on my phone, a touch on Google Maps will start the app, while a swipe up starts Waze. You can do this numerous related apps (Yahoo and Firefox, Dropbox and Drive, etc.).

That is my second favorite painting app. It is a scaled down version of the desktop computer version with mainly the pulling and painting tools and a few desktop functions. They have petrol brushes, pencils, el sitio de internet altamente recomendado printer ink pens, markers, gloop pens, chalks, watercolors, palette knife, paint bucket, coloring roller, spray color, glitter pen, car paint pipe, and erasers. There are many presets for every category and you will adjust options and create new brushes. You can import photo referrals and use them in a home window on your screen like the desktop version. You can even create custom color palettes and all the tiers functions from the desktop are available in the app version. The tablet software doesn't have tools such as rotate, grids, upright collection, or stickers and stencils, but it's very nice for a straight out painting experience. It also facilitates pressure for the S Pen.

There are 100 million Android os mobile devices activated worldwide, 400,000 new devices triggered every day. The explosive development means that the approximated 200,000 Android os apps at this time is likely to overtake the amount of iPhone Apps eventually. Other App stores are also available: Motion's App World for Blackberry devices, Nokia's Ovi Store and Microsoft's Home windows Phone Marketplace.
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