Canvas Prints - The best interior design app for ipad 2013 [] Way to Display Digital Photographs The printing technology called Giclee is the process of making fine art prints from a digital source which is used for reproduction of canvas prints. It is a high quality inkjet print created with professional grade printers and fine materials to create a great piece of art of better color accuracy. This process is very popular not only because it prints images onto canvas with stunning quality, but it also allows enhancement and edits in a variety ways using editing software programs.

image class="left" url=""Canvas printing is no doubt the most attractive way to display digital photographs. It is ideal for home or office decorating and also for gift giving. It makes any interior more attractive and it brightens the atmosphere of any living space. You may also take shot of your family, relatives or friends, convert them to canvas prints and give it to them as a special gift. Your wedding photos are a remembrance of romantic memories with your wife or husband, thus deserve to be printed on canvas to display them in your bedroom and preserve them for a long period of time.

Before placing your order online, make sure to check the website of the printing company for information on the type of canvas they are using. For your canvas to last for a century or longer, it should be made of high quality cotton fabric. In a process called dye sublimation, fuses ink into the cotton fibers giving them protection from fading. The canvas should also be water resistant, archival pigment ink and should have a coating for UV protection and stable color.

Don't hesitate to ask your printing supplier about the techniques they are using. After the printing process, make sure that your canvas is professionally finished with artists tape, wire and hooks making it ready to be packaged and dispatched. If you are living in Australia, it is ideal to choose a printing company that offers free services such as postage anywhere in that country, photo scanning, color correction, adding of text or signature, sepia or black and white conversations, editing of images, urgent orders, gallery wrap, email proofs before printing in case there were changes made and custom print sizes to match your image size.

Are you looking for a printing company that offers a life time guarantee on your canvas prints? Yes, you can find that company in one of Australia's best canvas printing companies. If you are not happy with your canvas, they will refund your money in full!
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