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This makes it easier to sew. Sew a row of small stitches around the sting of the circle, making sure that the needle passes via all the layers of fabric. Go away an opening at some point on the circle, preferably the place there are not any extras hanging out. This hole is to stuff the animal. If you have access to a lavender bush, you can acquire all of the useless lavender flowers and leave them the wrong way up in a paper bag to dry. You should utilize these dries flowers to scent your animal bag. Evenly stuff the animal with packing and add some dried lavender flowers. Similarly you may scent the animal with potpourri. If you are utilizing scented oils to fragrance the animal, drop the oil essence onto the packing before stuffing the animal. The oil can discolour fabric, so including it to the stuffing signifies that it wont spoil the end of the scented bag. Evenly stuff the animal and then shut up the opening. To finish, minimize out eyes and different options from felt and glue them into place. Animals eyes look really good if you happen to cut a triangle out from the pupil. It gives the animal character.
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