The opposite traditional buildings are nonetheless in place and the key attributes related to traditional ceremonial and religious practices and land tenure and land use practices are still being maintained. The authenticity of the Tombs of the Kings of Buganda at Kasubi is reflected within the continuity of the normal and cultural practices which can be related to the site. The unique burial system of the Kabakas of Buganda remains to be being maintained.

The location of Muzibu-Azaala- Mpanga in the midst of other buildings around the big central courtyard (Olugya), with a forecourt containing the drum home and entry gate home, are a typical ensemble of the Buganda Kingdom palace. The observe of using grass thatched roof resting on structural rings of palm tree fronds continues to be being maintained in addition to the internal elements and finishing supplies such as the lengthy picket poles wrapped in bark cloth decoration. Although the authenticity of the site has been weakened by the loss to the fire of the principle tomb construction, the constructing's traditional architectural craftsmanship and the required skills are nonetheless out there to permit it to be recreated.

This issue, coupled with the intensive documentation of the constructing, will permit an authentic renewal of this key attribute. The protection of the site is additional strengthened by the various Tourism Insurance policies of Uganda. The site has an accredited Normal Administration Plan (2009 - 2015). A Site Supervisor is in place. The greatest risk to the positioning is fire. There's a need to develop a detailed Threat Management Plan to handle this risk, particularly, and to make sure that site documented is as complete as potential and securely saved.

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